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In recent years, the real estate market in Ancaster, Ontario, and the Hamilton area has undergone substantial change. At Filice Law, we keep abreast of evolving developments and practices and reflect this back in the quality of legal advice that we give to clients. It’s our way of ensuring that you receive the comprehensive legal protection you need to make some of the most sizable transactions in your life.


We are a busy real estate law firm that scrutinizes hundreds of residential purchases and sales, mortgage and refinancing structures, and commercial property deals each year. We know the real estate industry and the legal mechanics that govern its operation.

Our goal is to act as your legal eyes and ears and ensure that you maximize your legal protections and minimize the risks that are often buried deep within the legal details of real estate deals. Some clauses may seem standard, but the implications could impact you significantly.

Our philosophy is that a solid transaction leads to durable results, with no unexpected surprises. We will analyze every legal detail of your transaction and ensure that everything is in order, nothing critical is missing, and any unforeseen, negative consequences are reduced, minimized or eliminated altogether if possible.


What also sets us apart from other firms in the area is the customized, meticulous and hands-on approach that clients have come to appreciate.

We never use unskilled workers to carry out critical tasks such as title searches. We only work with licensed, insured Ontario title searchers with many years of experience. Then, our lawyers personally review the work. But the analysis doesn’t end there. We will always be directly and actively involved in your file.

Read some of our clients’ most common FAQs. Ask as many questions as you need. Call us up any time. You’ll always know our fees up front, with no surprises. Service is a priority for us and our commitment to you.

Residential Purchases and Sales

Protecting Your Interests in Residential Purchases and Sales

At Filice Law, buying or selling real estate is so significant a life event that we believe clients need the highest-quality legal service on every transaction.

Our principal lawyer, Pat Filice, is passionate about educating buyers and sellers and is an active writer and speaker on the subject of real estate law. With years of experience scrutinizing the legal details throughout thousands of real estate deals, we know how to provide protective, far-sighted and cost-effective service for clients throughout Ancaster, Ontario.

Get Sound Advice And Costs Up Front

Whether it’s a new home, condominium, or re-sale, we understand that costs at every level are a prime concern. That’s why we provide transparency right from the start. You will always know your costs up front, and barring exceptionally unusual circumstances, you won’t face unexpected surprises right before closing the deal.

After years of practice, we have developed a pricing structure that we believe to reflect true value for our clients. While some practitioners run their practices on bargain basement prices, the results and service often reflect the old adage: “You get what you pay for.”

Personalized Service And Direct Access

At Filice Law, clients appreciate our meticulous approach with true, built-in value. When you turn to us for real estate law help, you will always have:

  • Direct access to a lawyer

  • The chance to ask as many questions as you need

  • Patient, thorough explanations

  • A lawyer who personally reviews each title search

  • Meticulous scrutiny of the purchase/sale agreement

  • Legal and practical advice to protect you from possible pitfalls

  • Legal guidance on mortgages and financing

Our role is to draft, review and negotiate agreements to ensure that all your legal bases are covered and your interests fully protected.

Get Consultation For Your Next Transaction

Call us for a consultation. We can help you, not only when you’re ready to sign the deal, but at the outset of a project when legal advice can benefit you even more.

Call (905) 383-0828 or use our online form to reach us.

Residential Mortgages & Refinancing

Solutions For Residential Mortgages And Refinancing

Mortgages are the most sizable loans that most individuals will ever take on. They’re also a significant investment for borrowers. Appreciating all that both borrowers and lenders have at stake, our mission at Filice Law is to help you successfully negotiate and complete financing on residential real estate transactions in a way that best protects your interests — financially and legally.

We Can Guide You To Unique Financing Solutions

In recent years, there are more borrowing options than ever for homebuyers to choose from. By personalizing our services, we work hard as to ensure that your financing package is truly best-suited to your individualized needs and situation.

Our firm does not operate in a one-size-fits-all production line environment. We take the time to truly understand your needs before making recommendations. With years of experience backing us, we understand your concerns — whether you’re a cash-strapped first-time homebuyer, a long-time property owner looking to unlock the equity or you fall somewhere in between.

Reverse Mortgages And Refinancing

Our firm is well-connected with some of the area’s best mortgage brokers. We can direct you to professionals that share our same high standards of practice. Then, we can provide you with insightful legal advice to help you reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls and liability issues of such financing options as:

  • Traditional lending packages

  • Nontraditional financing

  • Refinancing

  • Second mortgages

  • Reverse mortgages — we’re one of the few firms in Ancaster, Ontario, who handle them

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Get A Consultation With A Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are currently considering a financing deal or need help to find one, we’re ready to provide you with immediate guidance, legal advice and recommendations. Call us at (905) 383-0828 or use our online form to arrange a consultation.

Commercial Real Estate Financing & Development

Legal Advisory On Commercial Real Estate, Financing And Development

Commercial real estate often lies at the heart of a business’s operations. At Filice Law, we’ve acted as the legal advisor in commercial property purchases and sales, leasing, financing and development projects throughout Ancaster, Ontario.

We know how to meet the needs and bottom line of our commercial clients — by providing efficient, cost-effective service without sacrificing effective, insightful and high-quality legal advice.

Workable Solutions And Realistic Valuations To Get The Deal Moving

Our commercial real estate lawyers provide sound legal advice on projects involving either existing properties or future developments — including apartment complexes and office buildings.

Many property transactions take place in the context of the simultaneous purchase of a business itself. Each project is different, but more often than not, issues come down to lending problems. Those who easily qualify for financing in a residential context may run into problems over commercial deals. This is because the whole approach to appraising value is completely different in a commercial context.

Our role is to advise you early in the process — before you sign a deal. We can refer you to high-quality financing professionals. Once we help you determine that your project is financially feasible, we will then work to ensure that the transaction is structured safely — in a way that covers your interests in all the crucial areas. We will scrutinize the legal details and help you navigate:

  • Reviewing, negotiating and drafting of purchase, sale and lease agreements

  • Lease liability for tenants

  • Lease enforcement for landlords

  • Zoning, construction, land acquisition and severance issues

  • Construction

  • Conventional or collateral mortgage financing

  • Joint ventures and partnership agreements

Get A Consultation On Your Next Project

We offer our business clients an initial consultation on commercial property and financing projects.

Call us at (905) 383-0828 to arrange an appointment, or email us via our online form.

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